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Putty Party in a Lockdown!

Lockdown doesn't stop any of us from growing older, least of all our favourite children. Your birthdays keep on happening and we are delighted to be wrapping and delivering lots of presents around Whitstable.

We have a couple of handy tips and ideas for creating your own Toys N Trends birthday party at home with your family.

First of all you need a brilliant activity that you can all enjoy. Something sensory and hands on is a great way to get all ages involved - top of the list has to be slime and putty.

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You can make your own, but we love Crazy Aaron's Silly Putty. It's non-toxic and safe to use, but in these strange times, we recommend having a family handwashing, Happy Birthday singing moment before you begin, of course.

Then it's time to discover all the different things that Silly Putty can do. It can be magnetic, sparkly, or even change colour before your eyes. Choose a mixed pack of four great putties for your family to take turns with playing with around the party table and we'll send you an extra one for luck! Just remember to enter the PUTTYPARTY code at the checkout.

Follow up your activity with tasty food. Pizza and crisps are the top favourites here, but we are always impressed with how children tuck into cucumber sticks, grapes and cherry tomatoes. There's something about a sharing platter that they love - so with a little presentation, your birthday boy or girl could eat a lot of salad!

Light the candles on the cake and sing Happy Birthday like you've never sung it before. With gusto instead of soapsuds!

Then pick your movie. We aren't talking about family favourites here. This is the moment to choose the animated cartoon that your child loves. Let them talk all the way through it with spoilers and character expositions. Discover how much they know and how they understand the emotional dilemmas that their favourite characters face.

At the end of the movie - let them know the party is over. Send them to their rooms for five minutes while you do a speedy clean up and then call them back out to tell you what they enjoyed the most.

You never know - they might even create a thank you card to let you know how much fun they had!

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